Plague Rat

Alias: Unknown
Height: 6’4” fully standing, usually crouching at under 5”
Weight: 320 lbs.
Hair Color: Mottled brown and grey, all over
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Rook City, rebirth as Plague Rat in the sewers of Rook City
Power Source: Mutation
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: Tome of the Bizarre #17

"These crazy stories about some monstrous, rat-like creature living in the Rook City sewers are obviously just urban legends. I've heard people say this 'Plague Rat' drags easy prey, like anyone who goes out at night alone, deep into the sewers! They say the Rat eats some of them; others he infects with some terrible Rat Plague, leaving them to go mad before their terrible death. Do you buy this? I tell you, I knew that some people will believe anything, but this is too much! Sure, the occasional disappearance goes unsolved, and the homeless all swear that entering the sewers is a death sentence, but unexplained disappearances and crazy homeless people are just a fact of life in a such a big city. All the smart people know there’s nothing down there. I mean, come on! How likely is it that a 7-foot-tall creature, half-rat, half-man, lives in the sewers? You and I both know these tales are nothing more than stories to scare kids! People these days. They’ll believe anything they hear!"