The Matriarch

Aliases: Lillian Merle Corvus
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: White with black streak
Eye Color: Blue, wears violet contacts
Birthplace: Rook City suburbs, next to the mall
Power Source: An Ancient Relic
Group Affiliation: Undead Poet Society
First Appearance: Freedom Four Annual #2

When Lillian Corvus was a little girl, her parents called her “Lily”. She was a bright, happy child who delighted in playing in the park and watching the clouds. Yet as she grew older, she began to long for more. For power. She did not want people looking at her and thinking, or even worse, saying, “Aw, how cute!”  Lillian wanted to be feared and respected! Tired of hearing about “how a young lady should behave” and “you should behave more like your very successful cousin”, she rebelled. She began writing dark poetry and allied herself with a group of teenagers that called themselves The Undead Poet Society. When not lounging about in coffee shops or glaring at shoppers in the mall, she spent her time going from antique stores to flea markets, looking for exciting, shiny things.

During one of her outings, she bought an old feathered masquerade mask from a tiny curiosity shop. Upon donning the mask, she felt the ebon feathers ruffle against her face, and could instantly sense some great presence in the sky. Reaching out her hands, she attempted to pull the force towards her, and the sky erupted in a cacophony of caws and shrieks as ravens filled the air. Panicked, she flung her arms outward, and the birds responded, ringing out around her. She found she could control the birds, directing them wherever she wished. Reaching further still, she felt their thoughts, sensing through the birds the very world around them.

Lillian was no more - now, she was The Matriarch! Finally, she had the power she’d craved, and she would gain fear and respect through a reign of terror!