Grand Warlord Voss

Alias: Rainek Kel-Voss
Height: 6’ 7”
Weight: 280 lbs.
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Purple
Birthplace: Dok’Thorath
Power Source: Alien Military and Physiology
Group Affiliation: The Thorathian Armada
First Appearance: Freedom Five #504

The Thorathian Rainek Kel-Voss was unique amongst his people. The second son of the Thorathian Sovereign, he could have easily secured a powerful diplomatic role and lived a life of luxury on the Thorathian homeworld, Dok’Thorath. To his family’s chagrin, he opted for a military career instead.

His high birth meant that he would never be allowed to serve as a common soldier. He would, however, work his way into commanding an elite strike force: the Nyxian Scourges. Their actions were similar to those of black ops groups on Earth. Their operations took place outside of legal constraints. Their methods were ruthless. And their loyalty to each other was unyielding. While his military career was certainly illustrious, most of it was never officially recognized. But it was his strong predisposition towards genetics that made him truly stand out.

Voss’s official military activity placed him within the Thorathian Ministry of Science. His experiments fostered many advantages for the Thorathian military. He created injectable nanomachines that sped coagulation. He found ways for soldiers to go weeks without sleeping. Ingestible compounds were formulated to increase the rate of muscular growth.

Despite his contributions to the Thorathian military’s might, Voss eventually went too far in his experiments. The Voss family quickly stopped details of Rainek’s transgressions from spreading amongst the general public, but the rumors suggested that he had used live Thorathians for his tests. It was decided that public execution was too great a dishonor for a Thorathian of noble blood, so the decision was made to quietly exile Rainek to Gadrion Delta, a nearby ice planet.

For six years, Voss fought to survive in his icy prison, but using salvaged parts from his transport pod, he managed to continue his experiments. The Feethsmar, a quadrupedal race, native to Gadrion Delta, were his subjects, and eventually Voss’s efforts paid off, leaving him with great legions of the subjugated “frost hounds” fully at his disposal and mindlessly devoted to him.

Over the course of his exile, the soldiers who had served directly under Voss had managed to place themselves within the highest echelons of the Thorathian Ministries. When they finally received an encoded communication from their former leader, they were ready. The Thorathians who had exiled Rainek Kel-Voss, however, were not so ready when he returned to Dok’Thorath with dropships full of Gene-Bound FrostHounds.

Already familiar with the machinations of the Thorathian military, Voss used surprise to his advantage, quickly and systematically taking down major military targets and carving a swath through the Thorathian leaders. Ultimately, he declared himself the new sovereign, Grand Warlord Voss, with the Nyxian Scourges as the base of his power. Grand Warlord Voss was not content to stop with the conquering of his own homeworld. Finally understanding how to bend entire races to his will, he set his course for the stars, taking down planets one by one and adding their inhabitants to his swiftly growing intergalactic army.