Alias: Krystal Lee
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Power Source: Prototype Acceleration Gear
Group Affiliation: The Vengeful Five
First Appearance: Science & Progress One-Shot

Krystal Lee was overjoyed to get accepted as an intern at the Eaken-Rubendall Research Laboratories. Working with Dr. Meredith Stinson was the greatest possible honor, and the opportunity for Lee to share her own brilliant ideas with Dr. Stinson meant she would have a chance at her own greatness! She couldn't wait.

Unfortunately, after only a few months working in the lab, things were not looking so good for Krystal Lee. She was constantly leaving her work area a mess, which irritated Dr. Stinson to no end, she made countless errors in her lab reports, and she even broke valuable lab equipment by not keeping a close eye on an experiment. Worst of all, Dr. Stinson didn't approve of any of Lee's inventions, claiming them all "derivative" and "not actually functional". So, when Lee received her notice that she was out of the intern program, she wasn't terribly surprised. However, she was terribly furious.

She broke into the "work in progress" lab area and stole several gadgets, notably a "speedsuit" prototype which Dr. Stinson had hoped would allow others to operate at speeds close to her own without injury. Lee was familiar enough with the Freedom Five and their workings to know that Baron Blade had been a constant threat, and attempted to make contact with him. After several heavy-handed inquiries, Lee received a form-letter from Baron Blade, claiming no vacancies in his Vengeful Four team, but Lee was adamant. She needed vengeance.

She powered up the speedsuit, altering the regulators in an attempt to prevent whatever damage might be dealt to her. Wearing the suit, she could move so fast the friction she built up resulted in dangerous arcs of static electricity, so she had to be careful not to electrocute. Also, the likelihood that the suit would result in two broken legs for the would-be villain was terrifyingly high.

Pushing these fears aside, she tracked down Baron Blade for an in-person audition, which resulted mostly in property damage and an entirely exhausted ex-intern. Unimpressed by her abilities, the Baron did see something in Lee that spoke to him. The overwhelming need for revenge.

Baron Blade reworked her speedsuit and gave her the name Friction. Now, Friction works as a scout and speedster as part of the Vengeful Five. She will show Tachyon once and for all what she missed out on!