Alias: Cassandra A. Lilya
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Amber
Birthplace: Rook City
Power Source: Acrobatics, Training, Stolen Gear
Group Affiliation: The Vengeful Five
First Appearance: Mystery Comics #65

Cassandra Lilya grew up in the same socialite circles as Maia Montgomery. They both shopped at the same exclusive boutiques, were regularly seen at major fashion weeks, boarded their horses at the same stables, attended the same high class parties, and even sent spies to find out what the other was wearing to said parties, as wearing the same dress would be social suicide.
Maia despised the foolish girl “Cass”, finding her investment in the social scene to be entirely vapid. Maia only engaged in these activities as a cover for her actions as The Wraith - Cass clearly thought that these silly frivolities were the most important parts of life, and Maia could not think less of her.

But Maia was wrong. Cass thought just as little of the bubbly Maia Montgomery. She could not know the thrill of leaping from rooftops and breaking into the most well-guarded vaults in the world. The public life of Cassandra Lilya was merely a cover for Ermine, the greatest thief in the world. 

Ermine had stolen most of largest gems and most expensive archaeological finds in the world, selling them at top dollar to private collectors to fund her extravagant lifestyle. However, when a huge diamond was on exhibit at a museum in Rook City, Ermine’s attempted thievery was interrupted by The Wraith, who trivially defeated her and left her tied up in the museum right in front of the diamond.

The authorities attempted to arrest her, but without actually catching her in the act of committing a crime, there was nothing for them to prosecute her for. However, her secret identity was revealed publicly, and Cassandra Lilya was ruined. She continued to act as Ermine, but she quickly found that she actually missed her social outings. She cursed The Wraith with her every waking breath.

So, when she received a lovely, handwritten letter from Baron Blade, offering her the chance for vengeance, she readily joined his team. Now, Ermine, the world’s greatest thief, fights as part of Blade’s Vengeful Five! Ermine will have her revenge on The Wraith!