Baron Blade

Alias: Ivan Grigori Ramonat
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 210
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Left eye: Brown / Right eye: Pale with scar
Birthplace: Mordengrad, Lithuania
Power Source: Genius, Military Technology, Genetic Experimentation
Group Affiliation: The Vengeful Five
First Appearance: Exordium #1

Baron Blade has suffered greatly at the hands of the so-called “heroes” of the Multiverse. His brilliance has always been met with unnecessary physical force. The Freedom Four blew up his amphibious robot, which was specially designed to drill into the core of the earth and harness the power there to power the Baron’s inventions. The Freedom Five attacked his TerraLunar Impulsion Beam Platform, destroying his invaluable and nigh-irreplaceable inventions, leaving him to burn in the wreckage. When he decided to bring the fight to the heroes himself with a combined bombing and death ray plot, the Freedom Five largely ignored him as other heroes dismantled his bombs and physically assaulted him. It was far too much for a scientific genius to stand!

So, the accomplished inventor went into hiding. He began carefully reverse engineering his most dastardly invention: the regression serum, the very mixture he developed to deny Legacy the strength of his own genetic line. His tests, however, were disappointing. He went through hundreds of test subjects with a 0% survival rate. Baron Blade was getting desperate, until he received reports from one of his testing facilities that one plucky test subject had not only survived the test, but had actually developed rudimentary physical powers as a result! This was a great breakthrough, but it came with a notable setback. The subject had escaped the testing facility.

After a frustrating lack of luck in reappropriating the subject, Baron Blade continued experimenting, based on the success of the recent testing, and finally, desperate for results, tested the most promising version of the progression serum on himself! The injections almost incapacitated him, but he recovered quickly and found that he was, in fact, stronger than ever! His strength and speed quickly advanced to superhuman levels, but without regular injections of the serum, using his new power would drain him, leaving him entirely exhausted. Still, his success bolstered his resolve. It was now time for vengeance.

Baron Blade went about gathering villains to him from across the Multiverse. He built an elite team to rival that of the Freedom Five, making himself the leader of the newly formed Vengeful Five, and gave each of his new accomplices command of the other villainous riffraff that heard the Baron’s call.

Now, stronger than ever, Baron Blade and his team are ready to take on the Freedom Five and take the Multiverse back for themselves! Vengeance is upon us!