Alias: Mother Nature
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Hair Color: Vines/Lava
Eye Color: Varies
Birthplace: The Earth
Power Source: The Earth
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: Virtuoso of the Void #12

As long as there has been a natural world, there has been Akash'bhuta. The spirit of chaos and destruction in nature, some ancient cultures revered her as a goddess, calling her "Mother Nature", but they were all destroyed by their own deity during their worship.

She can manifest her physical form in any size, and take on the properties of any natural element, often appearing as a mountain among mountains, or as a vast hill of earth in a field. However, as much as she seems a natural creature, her very existence is destruction. She feeds off of ending life, thriving by bringing chaos and discord to places of order and harmony.

In the earliest records of civilization, there has always been mention of a champion of order who fights against the destructive ways of Akash'bhuta. However, Akash'bhuta seems to always persevere, and champions of order able to face down such a destructive force are few and far between...