Alias: M’kk Dall’ton (called Mack Dalton on Earth)
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 84 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Birthplace: Vognild Prime
Power Source: Alien Bio-chemistry
Group Affiliation: The Maerynian Refugees, Prime Wardens
First Appearance: Stranger in a Strange World #1

The gravometric distortions emanating from Vognild Prime’s quadrenary star system influenced the unique evolutionary path of life on the planet’s surface.  The highly intelligent Maerynians, for example, were able to take advantage of biogenic betavoltaics to influence atmospheric charge potentials.  While this powerful ability had enormous beneficial applications, it also had great potential to inflict harm.  After a series of devastating wars, the ancient Maerynians realized that their only option for a stable existence was peace and built for themselves a global society of scholars and engineers.

Yet the peace of Vognild Prime was eventually shattered by Grand Warlord Voss and his gene-bound legions.  Voss is a collector of sorts; while some collect rare coins or relics of lost civilizations, Grand Warlord Voss collects races, integrating the most powerful specimens into his ever-growing army and destroying the rest. The Feethsmar of Gadrion Delta, the Banshees of Vdronix, and even the mighty Trodcullons of Radirniste Sigma all serve under Voss’s command, their loved ones laid low by their own hands.

When Grand Warlord Voss’s minions descended upon Vognild Prime, the peaceful Maerynians were completely overwhelmed - their numbers decimated in mere hours. By the time they were able to mount a resistance, it was already too late for their world. The resistance fighters bought time for some few of their race to escape; those who remained were either killed or forcibly conscripted as soldiers in the army of Grand Warlord Voss.

M’kk Dall’ton, a Maerynian ambassador and scientist, was placed in charge of one of the 16 escape pods that managed to escape the ruin of Vognild Prime. When scanners revealed a life-supporting planet within the nearby Milky Way Galaxy, the small fleet charted a course for Earth. As they neared our world, they were ambushed by one of Voss’s dreadnaughts. As the enemy ship opened fire on the small group of escape pods, M’kk Dall’ton’s ship was hit and began plummeting towards Earth.  Crash-landing in the wilderness, only M’kk and a few others survived.

After helping hide the ship, M’kk volunteered to scout the area surrounding the crash site in hopes of finding food, shelter, and perhaps even sentient life. However, while searching the woods, the wounded ambassador was caught unprepared again as sirens approached from afar.  Clearly, whatever was emitting those sounds could not be a welcoming party.  As the blaring sirens grew closer to the wounded Maerynians, M’kk took a route far from the crash site, leaving a clear trail and drawing the pursuers away.  M’kk was eventually apprehended by oddly dressed troops who declared themselves to be agents of the Federal Initiative to Limit Terrorism by Extraterrestrial Races.  They detained their captive in a mobile prison and began the lengthy journey to the secretive F.I.L.T.E.R headquarters

During transport, M’kk overheard the guards discuss other powerful beings on the planet who stood as sentinels against global devastation.  Remembering the horrific destruction of Vognild Prime, the powerful Maerynian summoned a storm of ice and wind, shredding the prison and scattering the F.I.L.T.E.R. agents.  Taking the name “Tempest”, M’kk set out to enlist the help of the rumored heroes to stop Voss’s path of destruction.