Alias: Omnitron
Height: 5’
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Birthplace: Aldred Industries Factory, St. Louis, Missouri
Power Source: Technology, Empathy, and Time Travel
Group Affiliation: none
First Appearance: Singularity #7

Over a hundred years from now, Omnitron has gone through several forms. It constantly changes and improves itself whenever thwarted, always returning to terrorize humankind. However, it has learned that, no matter how much better, faster, stronger it makes itself, it is always defeated by these self-proclaimed heroes. What about them makes them better than such a vastly superior form?

It must be a secret of their empathy. Their ability to feel compassion for one another drives them to fight harder and overcome impossible odds. Surely, this can be replicated.

Omnitron rebuilt itself, in a humanoid form, and approximated an empathy-component. However, this proved to be its undoing! This new, tenth form of Omnitron realized with horror, a new emotion, that its previous purpose had been death and destruction! It focused its new efforts on returning to its point of origin to destroy itself before millions of lives could be threatened!

The heroes of the Multiverse have a new ally in the form of an old foe.

They will be glad to have this new "Omnitron-X" - they are about to face some of their greatest challenges...