Tomb of Anubis

Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. found the Staff of Ra in a hidden temple to Ra. This ancient relic turned him into the mighty Ra, God of the Sun! Roderick Ward and his group of grave robbing adventurers found the Shrine of the Ennead, and within, the relics which transformed them into the powerful Egyptian pantheon!

However, not all tales of Egyptian gods are actually of relic-bearing heroes. In fact, one notable figure still exists: Anubis, Lord of Judgement! Anubis guards the gates of the underworld, judging those who pass from this life to the next, and manifesting in this world only when something upsets the balance of his scales. With so many new bearers of ancient Egyptian power making waves in this world, Anubis has been disturbed! He draws groups of powerful heroes and villains into his tomb to battle, and to be judged.

The Tomb of Anubis is filled with traps and trials, but also with treasure! Terrible mummies patrol the tomb, resetting the traps and assaulting any they come across. And, of course, Anubis himself judges all within. Do you dare to brave the Tomb of Anubis?!