Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the Sentinels of the Multiverse cards?

The cards are Standard Card Game size (63.5mm x 88mm) and are printed on 12pt cardstock.

If a card comes in to play at the end of a villain turn, and it has an "end of the villain turn" action, does that action happen this turn?

Yes. You are still in the "End of Turn" phase, and all "End of Turn" actions in play must resolve for that phase to end, even if those cards came in to play as part of that phase.

If a card has multiple effects, and the first triggers another effect, does the triggered effect happen before or after the second effect on the original card?

The triggered effect happens immediately upon being triggered and before the second effect on the original card.  A perfect example of this issue is the interaction between Expatriette's card "RPG Launcher" and Grand Warlord Voss's card "Forced Deployment".

RPG Launcher is a One-Shot that reads:

     "Destroy 1 Ongoing or Environment card. If you do, Expatriette deals up to 2 targets 2 fire damage each."

Forced Deployment is an Ongoing card that reads:

     "When this card is destroyed, put all of the Minion cards from the Villain trash into play. At the start of the Villain turn, destroy this card."

When RPG Launcher is used to destroy Forced Deployment, Forced Deployment is immediately removed from play and placed in the Villain Trash, and all of the Minion cards are immediately put from the Villain trash into play. Then, Expatriette may deal up to 2 targets 2 fire damage each (including, if she so desires, any of the Minions put into play by Forced Deployment).

I have an awesome idea for a character/card! Can I send it to you?

As much as we really appreciate excitement about our game system (and we really really do), our lawyers get grumpy and nervous about any game idea that comes to us from someone who is not any employee due to various complexities of intellectual property law. Please don't send character, card, or art ideas or post about them on the forum. We will unfortunately be unable to respond to any such suggestions, and will have to remove them from the forum.


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