Create a Villain Contest: Winner!

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October 24, 2012 - 9:36am -- Christopher

Good morning, Sentinels fans!

THANK YOU! You all are amazing. In total, we received 214 entries to our Create a Villain contest - it was very hard to pick a winner!

We had all sorts of entries, from a couple paragraphs to dozens of pages of backstory, art, and complete play-tested decks. There were villains from the future, villains from the past, villains from now, and villains from never. We saw a good number of villains inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, including two very different takes on minotaurs. We were assaulted by omnipotent villainous gods, evil super teams, and swarming mindless constructs. It was a fantastic month here at the Greater Than Games office!

However, through all of that, one winner had to be chosen. So! Everyone, congratulate Alex Franklin, the author of the winning entry! His entry (which we're not talking about publicly right now - we'll have more news on it next week) brought the sort of innovative thinking we were looking for, and we're very excited to talk about it more as part of the Kickstarter we launch next week!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Keep on saving the Multiverse!


Submitted by talusproteus on

Congrats, Alex! Looking forward to seeing (and playing) your villain. :D

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Submitted by pwatson1974 on

Congratulations, Alex. I truly hope your grandfather isn't now viciously attacked by the paradox-inducing types gracing the contest files.

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Submitted by Alex on




There is a chipmunk in the center of the universe.

In Ghat they believe in vampire watermelons, although folklore is silent about what they believe about vampire watermelons.
Possibly they suck back.

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Submitted by evandan55 on

Congratulations on the win, Alex! I look forward to seeing this genius villain you've made for us!

My body is ready.

Submitted by Ryushikaze on

You Fools! Not winning the contest was part of my Villain's dastardly dadaist plan all along! Do you realize what you've done? Now he's going to move onto phase Rhubarb!


Oh, and Congrats, Alex. But in the meantime, RHUBARB!

Submitted by timfads on

Kudos Alex and well done community! Being the top pick out of an impressive 214 submittals is an achievement. That has got to be 150 SP right there!



Submitted by fba827 on

congrats, Alex!

And I'm sure all the others were good things too so I hope everyone else at least had fun putting their submissions together :)